Sep 21, 2013
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Apparently we’re all posting our transitions through puberty now?

Mine was not a straight line.

Sep 14, 2013
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I made a video about saving money, because apparently, after two months of this routine, I’m an expert.

Sep 7, 2013
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Sep 5, 2013
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Done made a thing.

Jul 31, 2013
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The wallpapers I made for my uni profile.

Jul 30, 2013
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I drew this with my left hand

I drew this with my left hand

Jul 29, 2013
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All you need to know about me.

All you need to know about me.

Jul 28, 2013
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John Green vs. Adulthood

So people have tried to make it out like John’s dug his own grave with a post about why he wouldn’t write about adults.

With accusations varying from pandering to encouraging teen suicide, I feel some people are taking this way too far.

Especially with the teen suicide post.  I felt they massively misinterpreted the original post entirely.  What I believe John was hinting at was that adults all have the same problems.  They’ve gotten over the initial hurdles in life, and are now settled.  This is something to aspire to in reality, however, in books, this is really. boring.

That’s all he’s saying.  That the issues adults face, like tax and naming children, don’t compare to the dilemmas teenagers face trying to find their place in life.  For the most part, adults are already in their place.  They’ve made their bed.  This isn’t a bad thing though, and nor is it applicable across the board.  There are plenty of adults that are still evolving as people, as substantially as teenagers do.

Teenagers make for a more interesting read because everything matters so much to them.  Everything is 100%.  Whereas Adults grow accustomed to problems.

So if y’all could stop trying to find things to be angry about, and jumping down people’s throats, that’d be appreciated.

Jul 16, 2013
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So I found myself in a bit of a debate this evening, which was based around bringing children up in the religion of their parents vs. letting them choose.

I was sort of debating for letting the child learn of all options before letting them choose, whereas the other person didn’t want to let children go to hell for not believing in Jesus, which is fair enough.

Now, I made it very clear that I respected this person’s beliefs, as well as their opinion, but I made it very clear that I didn’t think that enforcing it upon younger minds was not okay with me.  I had to point out that I was neither religious or Atheist, but someone who is non-religious.

But this discussion got me thinking, and I really want to share this with people.

But I wanted to establish why I’m not okay, personally, with all religions, including atheism.

I want to make it clear that I respect everyone’s beliefs.  I usually don’t even worry about them.  I’ll touch on this more with Atheism in a moment.

So I like to think of myself as a good person. Not in the sense that I’m good at things, but that I do good, proactively, for the world around me.  I’m a disability support worker, where I care for children with disabilities. I volunteer at the children’s hospital where I read books to sick children, etc.  I’m trying to start a non-profit organisation.  And I do a lot for other people.  All the time. 

I don’t do these things to feel better about myself.  I do them because I can, therefore I should.

And I just feel… deflated, thinking about how, even I’m the best possible person I can be all the time, almost none of the religions would accept me into their equivalents of ‘heaven’.  And that saddens me that even though I could become a saint, and devote my entire life for the betterment of the world, because I was doing it for the world as it is now, and not for my eternal soul, somehow that means I’ll go to hell, because I didn’t do everything while feeling a certain way about some holy text.

And I find that I don’t want to be a part of anything where that’s okay.

And as for Atheism, I feel it is a religion of its own, of sorts.  They try and force their beliefs just as much as religious people.  Those who don’t believe me could head over to /r/atheism.  And I am not this.  I am happy with people believing whatever they want.  It has no impact on me, and I have no place to tell you you’re wrong.

So I just ignore it.  The whole religious scene.
None of my business, the whole thing, unless people suggest I should bring up my children as Christians, apparently.

Jul 12, 2013
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Here is the exact same drawing (minus some re-attempted clouds) that has been lit and textured.  The difference :|

Jul 11, 2013
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Jul 11, 2013
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I’m secretly Matt Damon

Jun 23, 2013
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It’s now facebook official.  I’ve been in a relationship with myself for nearly 5 years.

Jun 23, 2013
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I searched eBay for the most ridiculously priced stuff.  Here are some of the results

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Jun 12, 2013
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